Reactionary Post – Can Technology Drive Change in Professional Development?

Having just read Robyn’s Blog on how technology is now being used not just as a tool for student learning and assessment, but for teachers learning and assessment. Robyn claims that “…teachers should always be learning and improving their professional practice, due to the ever-changing nature of their students, the world they live in and the technological environment.” Which I think is a relevant and accurate description of what teachers should be doing for their own career.

The article itself that Robyn has based her posting on is a report from the State Educational Technology Directors Association highlighting the use of technology as a long term developmental tool, rather than a one step, credit based usage. The report touches on some major points including making teachers accountable when it comes to technology uses in their careers to further their students and their schoo, but more importantly, the increasing need for teacher support throughout their profression.

Overall, a well written response – Robyn mentions the majority of the key issues within the report, and I feel it is definately an article of value to todays education system.

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